First, There’s Nothing to Lose

The last time I received a report from the NBME about our institution’s pass rate and its comparison to the national average of the pass rate for the Step 2CS, I noticed that the national average was 94% pass.

This tells me that the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor to pass this test.  Given what I suspect from talking to the few students I know who did not pass, and from reading a few posts from other students, a common reason for failing is a self-admitted lack of preparation.

And if you’re reading this, the odds are even more overwhelming in your favor to pass because you have clearly decided to do a little preparation.  

All that being said, I’m still willing to bet that, for many, many of you, this is not reassuring at all.  

You Want Results

I can relate to this feeling.  You see, a few years ago, I was pregnant (again) and reached the point in the pregnancy that I had an ultrasound performed to check on the fetus.  We saw the tiny gummy bear of a baby and saw its little heart beating. The doctor informed me, “That’s a great sign. Once you see the heartbeat, it’s about a 95% likelihood that the pregnancy will continue and you’ll have a baby.”  And I heard “there is a 5% chance that this will not work out.” And I thought “5%? Someone has to be in that 5%. So that’s totally me.”

If you are not reassured by the statistics, I’m not going to judge, and I’m not going to give you any false reassurance that “everything is going to be fine.”  There are a lot of students who prepare and pass. There are a lot of students who don’t prepare and also pass. There are students who don’t really prepare, and then they don’t pass.  And, unfortunately, there are a small number of students who do prepare, and then they don’t pass.

Proven Track Record

I’ve learned and revised over time the skills students need to pass. When our students used them and practiced, virtually all of those students pass–roughly 150 students every year since med students were required take it. And, in all that time, only one student I worked closely with did not pass.

Success Or Your Money Back

So let’s say that I do my best to help you, and you do your best to practice some of the phrases and approaches before you leave to take your Step 2CS exam, and then it doesn’t go the way you want it to.  If that does happen, then I will work harder to coach you for your re-take and your money is refunded, guaranteed.