Who We Are

Why Step 2 CS Prepster?

An education at a medical school is instrumental to become a practicing physician or physician’s assistant in the United States. But what happens when it’s time to take your exams and you need more? An expert in the Medical Education field, Ellen Hansen, saw a desire for more preparation among some dedicated students and international doctors preparing for testing in the U.S., particularly wanting more in communication and interview skills. Other services cost as much or more than the test and require travel, are incomplete, or developed by non-experts.

Ms. Hansen created Step 2 CS Prepster to give future doctors what they need to pass the Step 2 CS exam.

Meet the Expert

Ellen Hansen worked in a midwestern medical school for the past 17 years.  During her tenure of overseeing the teaching and assessment of clinical and communication skills, medical students in her programs enjoyed a 99.4% pass rate on the USMLE Step 2CS.  This means that since the national debut of this important assessment, with an average class size of 150 students, nearly every student passes this exam on their first attempt. Her school reported a 100% pass rate many years.

Ms. Hansen works closely with a team of medical doctors, physician assistants, and specialists in the fields of medical education to develop a systematic curriculum of communication skills, physical exam skills, and clinical reasoning that challenges every student to use foundational science and evidence-based theories of societal factors in patient health to provide meaningful context for patient care.  

Since her early days as an educator and coach, Ms. Hansen has demonstrated a passion for taking the necessary time with every learner she guides to determine the gaps in performance and create an individualized learning plan to give the learner the best opportunity for success.  

A Strong Educational and Professional Background

While completing her undergraduate degree in mathematics and French, Ms. Franklin enjoyed studying in Angers, France among the best and brightest of an international cohort of like-minded students. From there, she earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction which planted the seed that later blossomed into her gift for seeing what skills need mastery and how to achieve measurable results.

Following this, Ms. Franklin obtained a Masters of Business Administration, then a Masters of Medical Education. She describes her current role as director of an integrated clinical skills teaching and assessment program as a dream come true — every day she can both teach and learn from the best and most brilliant students and colleagues.

Path to Success

Ms. Franklin has spent the past several years scrutinizing the guidelines and expectations laid out for examinees in the USMLE Step 2 CS, and applying those guidelines to the best practices in patient care; she is confident that by following her protocol and learning plan, it is possible to pass this exam and go on to provide excellent patient care for the best possible outcomes.